June 2, 2009

From ‘CTAB Mortgage Desk’

Or should it be called “No Choice – No Homebuy” ?

At the end of March 2009 the Government announced the Homebuy Agent contracts for April 2009 – 2011. Two of the Homebuy Agents we work with had their areas greatly extended – a decision, we believe, based on the excellent service they provided to the public. Some Agents retained their contracts and in other areas new Homebuy Agents were appointed.

What do most have in common ?


What are our clients saying about this ?

Their actual comments cannot be repeated on this website but the gist is :

· Why didn’t the government inject more funds into these schemes instead of using it to prop up the Banks who got us all into this mess in the first place !!

· Bet there would have been more money for the scheme if MPs hadn’t milked the system !!

How have families been affected ?

· the perfect property had been found, an offer made and accepted

· mortgage agreements in principle have been issued

· solicitor had been appointed

· we were about to submit our clients’ full applications


· call from clients : we’ve had a letter saying there’s no more funding and we can’t buy

· What can we say to clients in this position? Apart from consoling them – very little.

Have the Government apologised ?

· NO


2 Responses to “MY CHOICE HOMEBUY”

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  2. It’s amazing how the government can intervine and thing just kaboom! Don’t you just love capitalism at it’s best?

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