Shared Equity Mortgages

May 19, 2009

Leslie MacNaughton, the Mortgage Compliance Officer at ‘CTAB Mortgage Desk’, has been involved in the Government Homebuy scheme virtually from the outset.

Leslie (Ms) arranges and brings about mortgages – she does not offer an advice on product service, she prefers to send, via e-mail, Key Facts Illustrations (KFIs) of the mortgage products available to you. You can then sit down and read and discuss them.  If you have any questions simply call Leslie on 01775 821900 and she will look at your options or explain any sections of the illustrations that you do not fully understand.  When you have decided which mortgage product is most suitable for your individual circumstances Leslie will obtain the lender’s agreement in principle (AIP) and send both the AIP and KFI to your Homebuy Agent.  It’s your mortgage and it’s your home. It’s why the scheme is called ‘My Choice Homebuy’.

Because of CTAB’s reputation in all aspects of Social Housing they can deal with all known Homebuy Agents.

CTAB started out as far back as 1986.


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